PlayStation 5 Scalper breaks the business away

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Officially, the price of a PlayStation 5 with Disc drive is currently 499 euros. Unfortunately, the console is not available at this price in most cases. So-called scalper buy the coveted device in masses in order to help them more expensive
But the scalper now really breaks the business away, as forbes reports. In 2020, PlayStation-5 consoles were still resold for about $ 1,000 per device, but prices have fallen on average to about $ 715. The price for the console has fallen by a whole 30 percent.

Interesting, however, is that the amount of consoles sold remains the same and the prices are still further down. Customers are no longer ready to pay these exorbitant prices for a PlayStation 5 (Buy Now)
Even in Germany, prices are slowly down again. The disc version of the PlayStation 5 is now offered on eBay for about 650 euros, the digital edition is already available for 620 euros.

Of course this is still far more than what the console should actually cost. But also Sony himself has offered to players hope. The company wants to sell 14.8 million consoles in the current fiscal year. Although there are still production difficulties, but the company is well-good things that they can soon be solved and the availability can be improved.

At least it is nice to see that Scalper is now able to earn much less money with your tactics. Maybe players will soon be able to get a console for the normal price.

From Daniel Link
15.09.2021 at 19:30

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