Today s Steam Half Life Remake Black Mesa 75 off

Black Gold Online First Impressions
Black Mesa, who remake the resemble of the valve, the Half Life, has been in the top of the world’s top sales in the world.

Black Mesa is a film that remake half-life 1 in Crava Collitting, which was established by a half-life fan. Steam user assessment was’ overwhelmingly positive (participating in 62,849 people, 95% positive), significantly improved the graphics of the original, and the newer (XEN) is a game in the game that did not work properly with the inside of the valve, Jen (XEN) It is evaluated that it was evaluated as much as possible as it was as for the first time. You can enjoy a game in 5,120 won for up to 75% of the world, from September 21, which comes with the Origin and Collabori PC launch events.

Thirdly, the third place of sales accounted for Paul Guys. Paul Guiz, called ’60 ‘departure Dream team’, is preparing for a fall festival event, and can purchase 50% from 16 to 250 to 50% from 16th to September 30.

The new shoes that have been released as a part of them have entered the ranks. In the district of mankind, the Beaver, a city construction simulation game team that survives the settlements and survives the settlements, has been ranked 2nd, and the gas station simulator, which operates the abandoned gas station, was 5th. Finally, the legendary series of Zelda and the impacted Eastward of Mother’s series entered sixth.

Top 20 (based on Domestic Time 11:53) Top 20 Nara Car: Blade Point and Destinone Guardians are competing with each other, and Lainbow Six: Shiz and Team Fortress 2 are shown. . Without a different ranking fluctuation, the Battlefield 5 went down one step a step on the 17th place.

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