Solar Ash From the 26th of October you travel through the ultravoid

Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D activity role-playing game established by Heart Machine. The game pays tribute to 8-bit and 16-bit games, and is considered by its lead designer Alx Preston as a combination of The Legend of Zelda: A Web Link to the Past and also Diablo. Preston initially launched Kickstarter moneying for the title for around US$ 27,000 to create the title for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and also Linux computer systems, however finished up with greater than US$ 600,000, enabling him to work with more designers and artists, and increasing the title for console and mobile platforms through stretch goals. Though initially scoped for release in 2014, different renovations in the game as well as problems with Preston’s health established the launch back. The Microsoft Windows, Linux as well as OS X versions were launched in March 2016, and also the PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One versions in July 2016. A Special Edition port of the game, including added material, was launched for the Nintendo Switch in September 2018 as well as for iphone tools in July 2019.

Annapurna Interactive and Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter) will publish Solar Ash on October 26, 2021 for PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5.

In the game description it is: Journey through a surreal, lively and strongly stylized world full of mysteries, wild rapid moments, lovable characters and massive enemies.

Last current video: Release Date Trailer

Chef developer Alex Preston described the game once: In Solar Ash, the player travels through the ultravoid, a greedy tear in space, the worlds swallowed. It is a place full of incredible dangers and surreal areas – a dream that nobody escapes can. familiar and yet alien, flowering, but grotesk, occasionally peaceful and then extremely violent. Our characters must comfort each other to overcome the spiral of despair in which they are caught. Players become rapid cross-compensation challenges with wild gravity and beautiful Master prospects while bringing huge monsters to the route and meet other lost souls. Beware of the remains that await you with great hunger.

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