Deathloop s trailer leaves more questions than answers express

Welcome to the AEON program! Imagine your perfect you! is the first line of the trailer in the history of Deathloop, unveiled at today’s showcase PlayStation 2021 event. Scattered between Propaganda Nowdard videos for this definitely not malefic company are flashforewards – a violent future you will play. Scattered clips become more and more important until the voice of the main character enters, says clips to shut up, then goes black.

A good start to be sure – although the frame is not an entirely new concept, the real jewel seems to reside in execution. Deathloop, whose exit is planned in less than a week, uses the mystery as the main driver of its plot. Incarking an amnesic school (who could, at some point, be the head of the security of this facility?), You make a way through the chaotic and the cryptic in your quest to understand what these people are waiting for you .

The trailer sets up a ton of potential intrigue son. Who broke all planes? Why do everyone bears masks? These mysterious messages mentioned by Cole will probably be a central aspect of the game intrigue, given the impact they will inevitably have on the game (how much do you want to bet that the origin of the messages was Cole since the start? It is amnesic after all, and the game is strongly focused on a time loop).

RaiderZ in 2021

On one last note – this can be a little conspirator, but there is another index that you may have missed during your first watch. Cole seems to have a designated place where he wakes up after a reset of the loop. And when it does, the panoramic camera always on a bunch of scrap. The arrangement of the scrap there seems a bit too intentional – two identical round pieces above a long triangle? It has the same kind of geometric simplicity you would see in a business logo. It has the impression that it has been deliberately placed, but the surrounding context claims that it is a random arrangement of parts. If you decide to take Deathloop, I advise you to keep an eye on the logos like that. The trailer never said what she led, but she must lead somewhere.

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