Global Indie Game Festival Busan Indian Cone Connect Twee Open

[INTERNATIONAL) Busan (Market Park, Hyung Joon) announced on September 9 that Busan (Market Park, Hyung Jun) held the Busan India Cone Connect Festival Organizing Committee (Organizer Committee Western Tissue Committee (Organizational Committee) and Global Indie Game Festival ‘Busan Independent Indie Game Festival 2021 (BIC Festival 2021).

Since 2015, BIC festivals held in Busan every year are Global Indie Games Festival, which introduces and communicates the selected Indie games to the referendum.

From a work that has not yet been released, it is possible to meet 121 works of 27 countries around the world, including Asia (12 countries), Americas (4 countries), Oceania, and European (10 countries).

Indie games are a game that made the individual or small groups gathered directly in a low cost or by procuring funds in a method such as cloudfunding. Compared to commercial games, the completeness may fall, but there is a feature that the creativity and originality are excellent.

This event is conducted in parallel for on-offline for the prevention of corona 19. Including Indie Game Exhibition Experience, ▲ Dog, Closing Ceremony ▲ BIC Conference ▲ BicplayG Events. From the 9th to 11th to the 11th, in the Busan E-Sports Stadium (Seo-si Samang Building), it will be held on the BIC Official YouTube Channel on the 9th to 30 days.

The Bank Festival, Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, The BIC Festival is hoping that a variety of ideas can be a power to strengthen the Indie Games developers and related industries in Corona 19 situations.

BIC Festival BIC Festival is a BIT Summit, BIT Summit, and Busan’s representative game festival, such as the US PAX EAST BIT Summit, and Busan, a shares of Busan, BIT SUMMIT, said BIT Summit. As a result of a very high potential, Busan City, who is interested in the people of the game and the game officials, so that Busan can leap in the Holy Land of Indie.

Meanwhile, companies participating as a sponsor of this event are now, Eisyen, Exhall, Pulse Bis, Epic Games, One Store, Nicalis, Dol Berber Digital, TDG, NC Soft, Mega Jones Cloud, Game Water Management Committee, Yahaha Studios, Unity Korea, etc. A total of 13 states.

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