Fortnite The new teaser of the final event of season 7 focuses on Slone

The final event of the season 7 Fortnite is just around the corner, and two days before the end of the countdown, Epic Games sent us a first preview of audio . We listen to the character of Mari, in the origin of podcasts Flying Scoops warning us against the plans of Dr. Slone .

According to Mari, Dr. Slone’s plan of Distonar the alien nodriza with pumps hidden in the islets sucked by the saucer would be too dangerous. Also, inside the ship would have something that does not even know that it exists. Clearly, the collateral damage of fireworks could be innumerable and much larger than expected the Doctor. The event Operation Sky on Flames is scheduled for Sunday September 12 at 10 pm.

Since the beginning of the current season 7, Dr. Slone has been seen as the brain of the maneuvers OI (Order Imagined), a secret organization whose main objective is to fully control everything that happens on the island . The OI will have embodied over the season the main resistance network against alien invasion. However, Epic Games never identified them as the good ones in history , the opposite. This advancement of audio seems to be another test of the machiavelism of it. In the game, the OI guards are aggressive NPC that dominate many of the island’s military sites.

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