Aquaman 2 First and unexpected image of Patrick Wilson James Wan ORM Return Nicole Kidman

NOVELTIES NEWS ARRIVED FROM THE FILE OF AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM , the sequel to the successful movie of Warner Bros. and DC , again, by filmmaker James Wan * * With JJames Wanon Momoa James Wan a great protagonist. And if we recently saw the first official images of Aquaman himself and the suits of him, now a curious and surprising Publication by the director of him arrives. So much so, that James Wan hJames Wan shared a photograph of the actor Patrick Wilson , again on the role of ORM **, although with an James Wanpect radically different from the original film.

Surprising James Wanpect of Patrick Wilson

Thus, ORM , also known James Wan Ocean MJames Wanter , looks totally disheveled and carefree, almost James Wan if it were the clJames Wansic shipwrecker ** of sailor stories, a very far away from which everyone We remember the first movie. The director jokes: I found this guy (Patrick Wilson) stranded on a deserted beach, making his imitation of shipwrecked, says filmmaker by allusing Tom Hanks’s known movie.

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Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom- Stealth Suit Revealed!

On the other hand, the Middle Variety hJames Wan confirmed the return of the actress Nicole Kidman in his role of Atlanna , Queen of Atlantis and Mother of Arthur Curry (Aquaman), after the interpretation of her in the first part. This means ensures that the actress hJames Wan abandoned the filming of the expat series in Hong Kong to join the production of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom at UK , to return later to Hong Kong again. Recall that Nicole Kidman had a secondary role in Aquaman James Wan Mother of Arthur after being found alive by Aquaman himself after two decades in which he believed her dead; She appeared again at the end of the film after the final battle between Aquaman and ORM.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hJames Wan its premiere in cinemJames Wan December 16, 2022 .

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