Freestyle 2 Mobile New original 3D and 3D graphics

The crew released a main image that can look at the character design of the mobile basketball game Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk which is a 7-day mobile basketball game.

Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk is a mobile game based on Joy City Online Basketball Game Freestyle 2 and supports 3-to-thirds. It is confirmed that unlike online originals, which showed Catoon Graphics, which had a clear outline through the image released this time, it is possible to support the fact that it supports real-world 3D graphics.

In addition, the information on the operation was also released. Explained that it is possible to manipulate more steady more than the previous work, and the defeat of the Freestyle Skill used in all positions, and has emphasized the strategic part.

One-dimensional evolutionary pre-style 2: Revolution Flying Dunk, he said, he said, he said, he said, I have disclosed a keyjobilee that can identify the charm elements at once, Freestyle 2: I asked for a lot of interest in Revolution Flying Dunk.

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