After Pubg Brendan Greene confides on his dreams of greatness

In the wake of the announcement of his departure from Krafton at the same time as his studio Playerunknown productions, now independent even if partially funded by the Korean group, the creator of Pubg confided to the site Venturebeat to say more about his plans .

More than ever fascinated by the notion of sandbox and open world, the one who gave birth to the genus Battle Royal by sowing the seeds with a mod of ARMA 2 and then realizing Pubg with Krafton Since Seoul, now wants to start the production of an open world of unparalleled magnitude. My dream is not to create games but worlds, _ he says in a video posted on his new Twitter account. Realistic worlds involving thousands of players who can interact, explore and create, worlds whose scale would be so great that it is currently impossible to fulfill them in an interesting way in a reasonable period of time. That’s why PlayerunkNown Productions is working on its own Entity Component System (Entity Component System) engine (_Machine Learning) (Machine Learning) that can generate the worlds of Brendan Greene. It is therefore with the help of an artificial intelligence that Greene plans to largely fulfill its future world instead of having to use hundreds of artists.

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The game that will test the relevance of this technology will not really be a game but a technical demo. This is a good prologue , this project that Brendan Greene and its team had already announced in 2019 when PlayerunkNown Productions was still part of Krafton. At that time it was a question of creating a game sold in a traditional way, but the plans have changed. Prologue will be, as its name suggests, an introduction that will demand to survive in the middle of nature under difficult conditions using the resources of the available tools to achieve a lens on the map. There will be no guide or path to follow, just a world and tools to achieve its ends. Prologue , whose world will be randomly generated, will be an experience only playable solo having the real goal of laying the basics of the real project of Titan that Brendan Greene has in mind: Project Artemis **.

The prologue playground is already supposed to be large (64×64 kilometers) but it will only offer one biome while Project Artemis is envisaged as a multiplayer world at the scale of a small Planet of a radius of 6,000 km. Note at this point that Brendan Greene is probably part of Krafton with a very nice spacle, especially since it confirms to be already in possession of the necessary financing to realize the game of its dreams, without even having to do the Silver with Prologue , that players will be able to get free of charge while having the opportunity to support the studio financially if they wish.

Useless at this point to try to draw a specific portrait of Artemis project, but the idea is that players can build more than simple camps, houses or bases. What Greene sees on his small artificial planet, they are cities, societies and civilizations built by the players. Red Dead Redemption is fantastic, but it’s just a bunch of scripts. You will kill all the bears of a region, you leave, you come back, and they are all back. I want a world with a significant life. If you kill all bears in a region, maybe the deer population explode , says Brendan Greene.

We have the technology to do it. We can think ecosystem. I want this world to have a life that does not depend on the player. That exists without the player. It’s a lot to ask. I know what I know what I know what I know Try to do here seems impossible, but we will do that step by step. I think we’ll get there. I thought about it for a long time. I want this open world. This space where you can go alone and discover places and discover places . Going hiking. I have been for some time _, adds Greene according to whom this site could take at least five years.

_We have found how to realize this gigantic world. We broke down into several pillars. The first was to build a field tool to generate and fill in the contents of the massive worlds. Then it was a question of creating life, Using the AI, giving the player of real things to do and making the world alive. And finally, find how to dump 100,000 players over all that. _

PLAYERUNKNOWN PRODUCTIONS does not include only 25 people, but Brendan Greene believes that it will not necessarily be necessary to exceed the 50 employees to achieve its ends. We do not need a big team thanks to the technology we are building_, he says. In the meantime, the studio house engine is not ready yet, Prologue is developed with Unity engine tools. We want to give people a new place to live, because ours has some problems._ >

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