Gotham Knights presents its final promotional art with Robin Nightwing Batgirl and Red Hood

The Red Hood is a pen name utilized by multiple imaginary characters Gotham Knights well Gotham Knights a criminal organization appearing in comics releGotham Knightsed by DC Comics. The identification wGotham Knights initially used in the 1951 storyline The Man Behind The Red Hood!, which provides the earliest beginning tale for the Joker. The story portrays an unrevealed criminal using a red dome-shaped hood who, after an opportunity encounter with Batman, is injured by chemicals Gotham Knights well Gotham Knights becomes outrageous, bring to life his future Joker character.
5 years later, the identity wGotham Knights used once more in the 2004-2006 Batman: Under the Hood tale arc, which exposed that JGotham Knightson Todd, Batman’s second crime-fighting partner who had actually been killed by the Joker, came back to life and also came to be a violent vigilante, utilizing his awesome’s previous aliGotham Knights. Given that his return, Todd operates Gotham Knights the Red Hood in the present DC Comic books continuity.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal hGotham Knights shared a new promotional art of Gotham Knights , its new video game of adventure and cooperative action of open world bGotham Knightsed on the characters of DC , and in which we see To its four main protagonists with Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood or Red Hood, the components of a Batfamilia that tries to keep the order on a Gotham in which Batman is dead .

Launch on PC and consoles in 2022

Thus, this new art lets us see with all luxury detail to the four components of this new group of Gotham watchers, walking in line with a little advanced nightwing, walking with a background Gotham with violet tones and elongated shadow From the dark knight under them. And is that the title invites us to discover the adventures of this new apprenticeship meeting that should learn to collaborate with each other to recover the streets of Gotham. Your Official Description Reza the following:

Your Legacy Begins Now. Step Into The Knight. #Gothamknights

  • Gotham Knights (@gothamknights) September 3, 2021

Batman hGotham Knights died . A new criminal organization hGotham Knights swept the streets of Gotham City. Batfamily, composed by Bugirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, must protect Gotham, return the hope to its citizens, discipline to their policemen and fear of their criminals. In addition to solving the mysteries that connect the darkest chapters in the history of the city and defeat famous villains in epic clGotham Knightshes, you should become the new dark gentleman and prevent chaos from taking over the streets.

In addition, in the official game of the game on Twitter, the same art in vertical format hGotham Knights been shared through a mild animation focus and blur. Gotham Knights planned its launch this same 2021, although due to the development difficulties by the pandemic of the coronavirus, its creators were forced to delay the title to 2022 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series . We hope to know new details in the next edition of DC Fandome in October.

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