Destroy All Humans Switch version release commemoration What is the 1950s air that is scared to USo s new weapons and Makoto

Suddenly, everyone UFO is of course it know. But what is it UFO? Flying Subcode? Alien vehicles? Certainly there is no reason to do that, it is essentially an abbreviation of unidentified flying objects, and the UFO’s true identity must be this, and it will be inconsistent with the definition that it will be decided by yourself. Even if the superman and the stealth fighter are also a drone or bird, all until the identity is finalized, it becomes an unconfirmed flying object.

If you have a history of the history, it is often interpreted as an unconfirmed flying object as a phantom beast such as a dragon, and there is a Hikari called Hikari, and a description is left in Azuma mirror, Ta et al. Is. The current UFO image did not exist at all until the concept of an extraordinary life is emerging. So, when UFO is an empty disk or an alien vehicle, is it what happened from where?

Theory of UFO = alien vehicle was spread from the United States in the 1940s. There are several stages before it will explain in order.

Current sterotyping A strange-looking alien attack that attacks the earth itself was established by H · G Wells Space War in 1898. And 40 years after the announcement, the famous Space War Panic Case will occur in 1938.

In the Radio Drama program Mercury Theater On Gei Air broadcasted in the United States, when the Space War was produced and broadcasted on the news program style, it is thought that some listeners are genuine news, The query was rushing to the police. This was a quite small scale, but this is the newspaper media. Since I was an enemy that was an emerging medium at that time, I reported as a large case that the radio caused here.

A part of the United States has a majority of damage and a large number of damage is the current main way of viewing that it was a flying article that is mostly flipped, and the events like legend are not actually no confirmed bottom. Nevertheless, the impact that alien has beaten the wall of the creation and flying in reality, and he has strongly improved the image an alien invaded the Earth in the United States who has been nervous before reading the second World War.

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When the war breaks out, Important flying object witness will be recognized by many people. The fighter pilot is likely to limit the reflection of glass, and the light bullets, etc., but they are called Foo Fighter and are emergencies The presence of mysterious flying objects was widely shared through the media.

And Kenneth Arnold Case and Roswell Case, which defined UFO, which will lead to the present after the end of the war. It is no exaggeration to say that this year is UFO for a monthly year. Kenneth Arnold Case says that Arnold, who witnessed UFO on June 24, said that the object was flying to bounce water as a sauSer for the interview of the newspaper. The object was in a form like Flying Sauser (Flying Traveler), It was misinterpreted and reported nationwide as it is. Then, the eye speech of Flying Scrap in Japan is started to blow out at once. The name of the phenomenon of Flying Sound spreads, and a little bit of the body seems to be the same as the topic phenomenon, he wanted to participate in the phenomenon, and the mass media was ignited.

During the United States in the United States in the United States, July 8, 1947, the US Army, which is stationed to Roswell, has been released Collection of Flying Scrap at the nearby ranch. However, there was no interview with Meteorological Observation Balloon, at that time, it was not very attention, and no disturbance was not possible.

There is no story of alien at the time of either case. Rather, the voice of the Soviet Union and the US military were not a new weapon developed in the secret. While the Nuclear Bombs are released, while the US Solvent Battle begins, the unknown existence is equivalent to the threat like a nuclear bomb, and the people feel realistic fear. It was.

In the Cold Warm Development, especially in the atomic bomb and rocket technology, both sides were trying to steal it using spies. In 1950, the Rozenburg case that the secret bomb leaked to the Soviet Union has been discovered, and the movement to thoroughly eliminate the cooperator and the reserve army has been accelerated and developed into the so-called red hunting. Also in Japan, Red Purge has been performed by MacArthic Ordinance.

The CIA, which has just been founded in 1947, investigates the concealed belief of the American citizenship with a secret, and if there is a sign in the enemy’s ideology, the Ministry of State of the State of State I put it on and borne and followed it from the US society one after another.

Of course, the government’s participation has become a target of Chaplin. The America who should have won the war and won the war, and he went to the congruit, focus and thought control.

A new weapon of an enemy country like an atomic bomb, and a conceptual pressure in Japan. The 1950s, which became the stage of this work, was a very hysterical era that people were scalled in both internal and external threats. There, the theory that the Kenneth Arnold case Flying Scrap is an alien vehicle that exceeds the technology of the earth.

At that time, the results of space development are being real, and it was also a time when the human beings jumped to space, as drawn in SF. If it is, it is not all the possibility that the alien jumped to the space last than humans will come to the earth. It is because science that can not be explained in the current science is because of the science that has further advanced than the earth-is a forceful reason, but it may be possible to have a while.

I want to replace unknown phenomena as a new weapon of the Soviet Union, but I want to replace it with something that is not realistic even if it is not realistic even if it is not realistic, and that psychology worked, from there, UFO = Flying Sound = Alien The intense image of the vehicle may have been produced. UFO that will communicate now, as if you fill in American hearts to reduce nerves in the Cold War.

Destroy All Humans! is a black comedy action game that looks like such a crazy age from the perspective of an alien and thoroughly decorating the stupid America. The level as a game was high, and Sega has been in charge of localization of this work that was popular in Europe and the United States. However, the depiction of this work was basically created as a premise that the culture of the US and UFOs in the case of the time is familiar with. How to get such a title is more than the original outlet, and Sega who has attracted it to the Japanese market will thoroughly repain the representation of the Subcal of Subcal of Japan, and by repeating the Seega. I remodeled it.

According to the Motohitsudo interview in the media, who was in charge of the production at that time, the main figure of this modification was likely to make it easier for the black comedy Nori than the modification of the radical expression. It was only the subtitle rewrite that it was authorized from THQ, but it is judged that the momentum will be fragbled. Adding dubbing to a more pointed thing, and change in game movies has been added.

In addition, Mr. Kohomi is engaged in the interactive movie again to come back to SEGA in 2005, and this work has a method to remix the video of overseas dramas and build a new story rice field. That experience was utilized for modification of modification.

Betteran Voice actors, including Hirokawa Taiichiro, and the content that is stuffed with the buddy newsletter and the content that is stuffed with this, the official site closes from the first day of the release and disseminates information Boutreg (Pirate) Site (Of course, the server was a strangely suspicious atmosphere promotion from the official = Sega address).

Some of the voice actors who were in charge of dubbing have already died, and it is probably not forever to be reproduced as well as at that time. It may be a pros and cons that has significantly modified the message and times of the original game, but that’s a Sega version of Japan limited as it is also after an alarm that left a claw mark in the game history As a monster, the legend will be susceptible to the legend.

And this remake version Destroy All Humans! THQ NORDIC Global Release. It is a genuine original version that can be tasted in the whole world common content, no modification, and that this game is aiming for. CERO ratings are also acquired, and as well as overseas editions, it is possible to smash the existing factors in the era of crazy.

The content of the more fully workers to see the PC version of the PC version, in addition to the PC and other console machines that were previously, it will be released on August 26 on August 26. If you carry it in mobile mode, feel free to burn off anytime, anywhere, I’m glad! It looks like a trash! Why don’t you lose your vulgarist’s universe war in this society and pockets with a lot of stress?

Destroy All Humans! The Nintendose switch is scheduled to be released on August 26, 2021 (tax included).

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