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At 30:29 (17:14) against the TBV Lemgo Lippe, the record champion did not have a chance to the outsider in Dusseldorf and thus took successfully revenge for the surprising bankruptcy in the cup semifinals. Best thrower at THW was Niclas Ekberg with five goals. For Lemgo, Gedeon Guardiola was most successful with seven hits.

Something disappointing was the return of the viewers. Up to 8000 fans had taken to the hall, in the end, however, only 3007 were there. Lemgos Trainer Florian Kehrmann had stunned before the game, giving the viewers some time to get used to the situation again. We can not assume that everyone flocks immediately into the hall again. So it was in Dusseldorf, where the present fans, however, provided for an atmospheric setting at the season overture.

Returner Bylik meets for the rejuvenated preliminary verification

In the semifinals of the DHB Cup Lemgo had the great favorite after a seven-goal behind the pause still downgrades. This did not work this time. To succeed the favorite that starts without a new season starts. For this, Jicha, who once started his playing career in Lemgo and had played there with Kehrmann, returned returnees Nikola Bylik again. The Austrian had failed in the preseason for a cruciate ligament tear, stood for the end of the first half for the first time for Kiel on the field, got a few minutes of use again and achieved in the final phase also the rejuvenated and important hits for preliminary 30:26.

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We want the titles about us in all competitions, said THW Managing Director Viktor Szilagyi prior to the game. Accordingly dominant, the Kieler went into the game. After a good ten minutes, the favorite had first played out a three-goal lead. While the TBV looked like a lot after hard work, the northern Germans were always too easy to conclude. In particular, the allogues of district runners Hendrik pekeler worked well, solely the success rate of the national player left a lot left.

This lead kept Kiel sovereign to the end, without seeming to have to go to limit. Whenever Lemgo could have come up again, the game of TBV was too faulty.

THW Kiel – TBV Lemgo Lippe 30:29 (17:14)
Goals Kiel: Ekberg (5/1), Viennacek (4), Pekeler (4), Sagoses (4/1), Reinkind (3), Zarabec (2), Duvnjak (2), Weinhold ( 2), Bilyk (1), honest (1), Landin Jacobsen (1), Dahmke (1)
Lemgo Lippe: Guzardiola (8), Elisson (6/1), Timm (6), Zerbe (3), Hutecek (2), Carlsbogard (2), Simak (1), Villaplana (1)
Viewers: 3007

HBL: These new entries are already fixed for 2021/22

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