The Creator of Pubg wants to create the biggest game in the open world of sandbox

Brendan Greene, the creator of Pubg, recently announced his official departure from Krafton. Now, with its own studio – which, to this day, remains unnamed – it plans to give to its followers a game in open world that will be on a scale that is _really attempted.

I have had a deep fascination for the open-world-style open world games and the freedoms they offer to their players, Greene told everyone via a video he posted on social networks . I have always wanted to be a little bigger_, he added. It is therefore our mission as a studio_.

The new Greene team will work on ades on hundreds of kilometers, with thousands of interactive, exploring and creating players. However, when it comes to a project of this size, Green shared that the biggest obstacle is that there is simply no _moyen to fill these massive spaces with content, assets , game mechanisms, locations, and more. The key to success of such a project is to have the appropriate machines to help development.

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The Creator of Pubg revealed that his new studio already had such a machine in the hands. This machine is a network of neurons that will give developers a way to learn and Genate Open Massive Realistic Worlds at the time of execution – or to say it otherwise, each time. Players _Press on PLAY.

All this speech of Greene opens the doors of his next project, prologue, who should go out soon. Prologue is an early introduction to this new technology on which the new Greene team works. He will put the players to make a way through a world generated by the execution, with the use of tools and resources they have recovered to survive in a world where the bad weather will be their Neentemi Constant.

There will be no orientation, Greene said. _Pas of way to follow. Just a world, a place on the map to reach and the tools needed to get there.

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