THW Kiel starts hunting for titles

The THW Kiel in the Supercup against Cup winner TBV Lemgo Lippe wants to set a clear sign in the Supercup against Cup winner TBV Lemgo Lippe and get the first title. We have our team completely together for a week. Seven players were at the Olympic Games, that’s a challenge for the coaching staff. But I just do not like losing, said THW coach Filip Jicha.

Four days before the Bundesliga prelude, the duel master against cup winner this Saturday (19.00 pm / Sky) in Dusseldorf for Kiel is a welcome location determination and for the German handball a first step back to the normalty. Up to 8000 spectators are admitted to the traditional event.

Despite digitization, handball remains a lot of key ranks of crucial economic importance and is not emotional to replace. We therefore want to return to full utilization promptly, HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann with a view to the Bundesliga and supplemented: In particular, the players look forward to the players The return of our fans. Jicha confirmed that. We professional athlete are a bit like actor: We need the big stage to get our best services, said the Kiel Meistertrainer.

We professional athletes are a little like actor: We need the big stage to get our best services.

Filip Jicha

Even before the start of the season, there is a big thank you for the loyalty of the followers in the form of a campaign titled #ihrseiddiestar’s. The strength, solidarity and loyalty of our fans worn us through the Corona crisis, we want to recognize this, said League President Uwe Schwenker.

Whether the fans come back into droves after a long abstinence, but only has to show. I believe that you have to give the viewers some time to get used to the situation again. We can not assume that everyone flows into the hall again immediately, said Lemgos Trainer Florian Kehrmann in an interview of the Westdeutsche General Zeitung (Friday). We have to play so great handball that the fans want to go back to the halls.

This was impressively succeeded in the outsider in the Cup semifinals against Kiel. This bill wants to settle the THW now and take a success right momentum for the hunt for further triumphs. We want the titles about us in all competitions, Managing Director Viktor Szilagyi announced the ambitious seasonal goal.

Speedrun of CDK Global (CDK)

The SuperCup, which has been played since 1994, have already won the Kiel ten times – most recently in the previous year against the North Rivalvial SG Flensburg-Handewitt. Lemgo can already show four victories, but the last 18 years is already back. At that time Kehrmann was as a player, now he wants to keep the cup as a coach in his hands. We do not just want to go on and see the Supercup as a preparatory game on the coming season. We want to win this game, even if Kiel is the great favorite, said the World Champion of 2007.

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