Rehm The national team has also made such a thing

We won and have three points. Rehm’s bill after the game sounded pretty simple. But just was not much for his team in the second half. That was aware of the coach. It looked simply in the first half, but it was not easy too, he stated at magenta sport. Before the break, his crew marched unauthorized towards canter victory, efficiency, aggressiveness, and the crucial ticket attention to the 4-0 half time in Saarbrück Ludwigsparkstadion.

REHR: We got soft feet

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In football it is sometimes hard, if you have something to defend, has to lose. The SVWW learned at the Friday evening on its own body. For instead of consistently go to the 5: 0, as required by Rehm in half (We wanted to hold the zero and shoot the fifth goal), the obviousness was lost in his own game, instead, Saarbrücken became increasingly dominant. We know all what can happen. Saarbrücken got the second air, we got soft feet, says Rehm.

We were afraid to lose something, Saarbrücken could only win. That’s what you saw at the end, revealed the phase in the second pass, when the FCS, driven forward from one’s own fans, piece back to the game. . Then you’re going to be paralyzed, do not win a duel more, can not prevail. Then something happens. Except for a hit, his team made the hosts approach, in the end it was just enough for the shake victory (and thus to the 66th away win in the third-league history – record). For Rehm quite normal: The German national team has also made such a thing, he said, playing at 4: 4 of the DFB team against Sweden in 2012.

The desire for more constancy and balance

The 42-year-old did not want to make any excessive custo by the nearly playful leadership and referred to the newly put together team who still had to find. And before the break was also a lot of positive things: The first half today was great, that was fun for everyone. So for the top game at Viktoria Berlin will remain open for the next matchday (Saturday, 2 pm) above all a desire: Last week we played a great second half, today a class first half. We want to pack that now.

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