Position of Dunk Shoot Freestyle 2 Mobile New Position Information Disclosure

A new information on the character that appeared in the freestyle 2-based mobile game newly released this year’s new Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk was released.

The Games Domestic Services The Leaves of the Domestic Services introduced the Position 2 Power Forward and the Center to the Position of the Freestyle 2: Levlade Flying Dunk (Pin 2).

PowerPourne can be played on both sides of the air based on high physical and good physical conditions. The representative character is bridget and is fluent in dunk. When a particular condition is satisfied, the dunk skill has a ‘frystyle dunk’ John Sk, which can be dunked from the characteristic skills and the basic distance that the dunk skill is generated.

The center then works the goal by the goal by the goal, body, block, and rebound. The representative character is ‘Pedro’, and the larger the ball, the more the rebound success rate, and has a ‘Rivers Crew Dunk’ John Skaill that can ignore and dump the abrasives.

All positions in the game, including Power Forward and Center, have characteristic skills, John Skills, and four species of skills. The characteristic skill is a passive, a dedicated skill, which is active, and John Skills corresponds to a field.

You can choose your own play style by choosing 4 common skills used in the same position and 4 freestyle skills used in all positions.

Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Deng features a more strategy through a definite elements, Flying Dunk, Flying Dunk, Flying Dunk, said, I hope you will feel the game in advance through characters and representative skills.

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