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The Legislative Assembly of the Council of Europe (RATE) is the parliamentary arm of the Council of Europe, a 47-nation international organisation committed to upholding human legal rights, democracy and also the rule of regulation.
The Assembly is composed of 324 participants drawn from the nationwide parliaments of the Council of Europe’s participant states, and also typically meets 4 times a year for week-long plenary sessions in Strasbourg.

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It is one of the 2 statutory bodies of the Council of Europe, together with the Board of Ministers, the executive body standing for federal governments, with which it holds a continuous dialogue. Nevertheless, it is the Setting up which is typically regarded as the electric motor of the organisation, holding governments to account on human civil liberties concerns, pressing states to maintain autonomous requirements, proposing fresh ideas and generating the energy for reform.
The Assembly held its first session in Strasbourg on 10 August 1949, making it among the oldest international assemblies in Europe. Amongst its major success are:

ending the execution in Europe by needing new member states to stop all executions
enabling, as well as shaping, the European Convention on Civil Rights
prominent records revealing violations of human rights in Council of Europe member states
aiding former Soviet nations to accept freedom after 1989
motivating and assisting to form lots of modern brand-new national laws
helping participant states to get over dispute or get to agreement on disruptive political or social problems

Korea has secured another title of the ‘World’s First’. In the 31st, the application of the App Maker’s In-app billing, which was called the so-called ‘Google Sadelectric Prevention‘, has passed the National Assembly Parliamentary. In the United States and France, the bill was held in Germany, but it was the first time in Korea that has been registered in the formal bill by passing the plenary council.

The In-App Payment Forced Act is pursuing to the original Google ‘s application billing forces that only applied to the game, and 30% collection system, which has entered 30% collection system in the app market. Fortunately, as this bill passed, Webtoon, novel content, as well as the game, as well as the game, has been found to introduce its own payment that does not go through Google and Apple. Through this, it is possible to buy an app market registration fee that was unilaterally set or to purchase a bypass that does not go through the market.

In fact, we are cheering for the first time in the operation of the app market operators who were close to the gap. The Epic Games representative team Sweetyon, which is in the United States is a lawsuit. F. Kennedy’s former president’s speech Worldwide developers are proud I am proudly I am a Korean, and the famous Match Group with Tinted is a Fair App Ecosystem I left the name of the name. In addition, the people of each floor of each of the allighters dragged against this law.

Most domestic gamers are welcome to be a good example of this legislation. Game Mecca ID MEATH The first time in the world seems to be able to protect the user as a result, This is a result, This is an afraid point and it is expected to be influenced by other countries. As a domino starting in Korea, I think the application regulation of App Market is expected to begin in many countries.

But it is not only registered the bill yet, but it’s hard to guess about the effectiveness. Once Google and Apple do not give up the forced policy of the app billing, it will not be as easy as the sanctions will be as though. Basically, this bill is a bill to protect content developers and users, it’s not a law to punish Google and Apple. No matter how the law was enacted, domestic companies are also a tough situation in both Google and Apple. Naver ID Aerial Garden I am a good idea, but I am worried that you will see a similar result to a shutdown.

The world’s expectation for this bill is in the forefront. In that time, app market operators such as Google and Apple have been in the market, which means that the complaints of app developers were greater than the market. If you expect as long as you expect, the anti-brilliance method does not work properly, the reaction will come bigger. You will not be able to pay attention to the law that is not famous to be true as a firm.

We will draw a game novel (Ripper Book) of Joo Media by drawing each week (Game Mecca account) every week (Game Mecca Account) quoted by [Iguusivity]. If the selected user is the source of the e-mail, which is listed in the Member Information, please tell us the address and contact information.

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