Brendan Greene the creator of Pubg is no longer part of Krafton

The story between Brendan Greene and the Korean group Krafton finally ended. As can be read on the site VentureBeat, creative director PUBG left Krafton to regain his independence with his studio PlayerUnknown Productions.

The links are not totally broken since Krafton retains a minority stake in the new venture Brendan Greene, a reminder had already withdrawn Development PUBG since March 2019. The former artistic director Dave Curd was named creative director of the battle royale in December 2020.

Based in Amsterdam, the PlayerUnknown Productions studio existed since 2019 in Krafton but is now independent. In December 2019, the studio was supposed to work on a project with the prologue code name and which we knew was that it would not be a battle royale. The only certainty today PlayerUnknown Productions is dedicated to the production of games open world widely.


I am so grateful to everyone at PUBG Krafton and for giving me my chance and the opportunities they offered me over the last four years. I now look forward to taking the next step of my travel to create the kind of experience that I envisioned for years. again, I am grateful to everyone at Krafton for supporting my projects, and I will have more to reveal about our project at a time ultérieure said Brendan Greene.

Often considered the father of the battle royale, Brendan Greene initially thought the mod DayZ Battle Royale for Arma 2 then helped develop H1Z1: King of the Kill . In 2016, it drew the attention of Krafton (Bluehole at the time) that invites the Irish designer to join Seoul to become the creative director of a PUBG , which will bring the excitement that today we know.

As for Krafton, the group recently debuted on the stock exchange for capitalization 18 billion, becoming the first industry group in South Korea to NCsoft, and has raised EUR 2.8 billion to fund future acquisitions.

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